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Chunk Turquoise          Turquoise Hischi           Glass + Silver Beads    Feather + leather          Hischi, quartz, glass, bone


Whether a your embellishment serves as a bookmark or a special closure, natural additions such as stones, pearls, feathers, turquoise, glass or bone add unique interest to your custom book.

*Embellishments serve as bookmarks or closures for hardbound books only.

White FW Pearls              Wood Beads                     Large Natural Stone        Black FW Pearls

~Handmade Books and Journals make unique

one-of-a kind gifts!

Recipe Book + Sketch Book + Poetry Journal + Diary + Journal + Housewarming Guestbook + Anniversary/Birthday/Engagement/Wedding + Memory Book + Baby Memories + Archery Scores + Running Times + Travel Journal + B & B Guestbook + SCA Notes + Notes/Ideas + Gardening Journal + Family Memories + Valentine's Day Album + Photo Book + Folio + Unique Office Gift + Appointment Book + Hostess Gift + Graduation Gift