Each book is handmade, designed and signed by Taylor

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Detailed Craftsmanship

One-of-a-Kind Designs and Paper

Custom Options

Each book is hand-crafted and individually signed. Taylor's commitment to fine craftsmanship can be seen in the details in every book.

Customize your handmade book by choosing your book style, cover material and embellishments. From handmade papers crafted high in the Himalayas to natural gemstones, beads and bone, the choice is yours.

Choose from a variety of styles to fit your needs. Choose from Japanese stab bound, Coptic or Hardbound. It's easy to find the perfect style.

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Recipe Book + Sketch Book + Poetry Journal + Diary + Journal + Housewarming Guestbook + Anniversary/Birthday/Engagement/Wedding + Memory Book + Baby Memories + Archery Scores + Running Times + Travel Journal + B & B Guestbook + SCA Notes + Notes/Ideas + Gardening Journal Family Memories + Valentine's Day Album + Photo BookFolio+ Unique Office Gift + Appointment Book + Hostess Gift + Graduation Gift